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Some of my favorite anime episodes

Posted on 06.08.2009 at 19:55
I'd have to say there are some episodes in anime that I've liked more the others.

Eureka Seven episodes 50 Wish Upon a Star, 26 Morning Glory, 48 Ballet Mechanique
Fate Stay Night episodes 14 The Ideal Conclusion, 20 Distant Trace of a Dream
Ergo Proxy episodes 11 Anamnesis, 16 Busy Doing Nothing, 14 Ophelia, 20 Goodbye Vincent
Mushi-shi episodes 7 The Rain Comes, A Rainbow Forms, 19 String of Heaven

These are some episodes I never get tired of watching. I enjoy each one of these series as a whole but, these episodes stick out in my mind.


the_hikikomori at 2009-06-09 04:13 (UTC) (Link)
Is Mushi-shi good? I saw it at Best Buy once and I keep thinking about it when I think about watching a new anime.
staroceanss at 2009-06-09 10:55 (UTC) (Link)
Mushi-shi is actually pretty good. The writing is very good in my opinion. I considered it good enough to make my top 10 anime list. It doesn't have a huge plot or anything. It's pretty well a set of small stories. It's like watching a set folk tales. They all are interesting and unique stories.
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