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I'll tell you a little more about me. I'm not into yaoi or yuri. I enjoy simply getting the chance to get to know people. I'm also a biker. I try and be there for people in need. If you want to know me all you have to do is ask me. I do enjoy just communicating learning about how you feel or think. If you ever want to know something about me than just ask. I'm Messianic and attend a small congregation.

I've done all of my banners using Corel Draw and Photo Paint. If you like any of my colorbars please comment on my jourmal page. I would like to hear your thoughts.

Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven Bar 02

My Favorite Anime


My Tribute to StarOcean

Xam'd Gear

Dot Hack Hex

Violin Case

Ergo Proxy

From Many Worlds

Tsubasa banner

Scrapped Princess Banner

Mush-Shi banner

Trigun bar

Gunslinger Girl

The Battle Begins

Elemental Gelade

FullMetal Banner